somewhere out my doorway somewhere down my block
i can hear her heartbeat in rhythm with my clock
i want her more than diamonds i want her more than gold
i want her more than anything anyone could hold
we were built to last on until forever
the world is changing fast but our love was built to last
she has followed me down along those empty streets
she has followed me where the rain would fall in sheets
and i know i've been changing changing like the wind
i was feeling burned out i got tired of it
so come to me my darlin' hold me while i sleep
i know you feel lost but you're not in too deep

записано в: rumbo recorders, studio c, canoga park, california, usa; 1991
автор: tom petty, jeff lynne
продюсер: jeff lynne
tom petty - lead and backing vocals, rhythm guitar, percussion
mike campbell - lead and baritone guitars, keyboards, bass, bouzouki, mandolin, hammer dulcimer
stan lynch - drums, percussion, champagne bucket
benmont tench - electric and upright piano, accordian
howie epstein - single harmone, backing vocals, bass
jeff lynne - guitars, keyboards, backing vocals, bass
впервые издано на:
into the great wide open (2 июл 1991, usa)