Obsidian Gate /


And I saw descending - the stars,
the materia of darkness,
unknown to the creatures - those worms,
just splinters of this mirror:

Above are the isles in the dark,
where evil prevails anything,
but the wheel of time turned to death,
collapses all known aeons
into dust.

This the test - the circle of life - face the prime force.
This is the end - have no fear - face the horned master.

This is hell - the everblack spheres - they have opened.
This is god's downfall - I have the keys - to inferno ungenesis.

Thus touch the infernal flames,
Compressed existent space...

The gift of life holds an end for the sheep on earth,
and the earth is fading away.
I entered the endless dome of universe many ages ago,
unto the throne of utter supremacy.
While I burnt free in will inmidst the pits of hell,
I drank from the chalice of wisdom wide.
I unlocked the gates of destructive prime forces,
now the inversion-age has arrived.

Once the nightsky was black -
a view into the dark vasts,
now there remains nothing,
no life, no materia...

Try to comprehend - the void
crushed into itself,
dissolving the heavenly realm
- how could thou reject the existence of Satan?

Thus touch the infernal flames,
compressed existent space.

Whenst I was born, in a time when only the hand of fire ruled,
I was marked with a cruel extraterrestial sign.
I was the chosen one for the ultimate armageddon,
but no plague, no war, no famine.
He who sits on the highest throne of the black infernal domain
was my creator and my father.
Reject all borders of earthly knowledge for his words and deeds are unspoken,
he's the keeper of this prime force:

I am the collapse of universes.
Unseen I am, but feel my destructive power of wrath!