Nits /

Espresso Girl

She's walking in my dreams
I'm walking in your dreams

I found her again
Unter den Bogen in Bern
With a little black camera
A 'Du' in her hand
All I could see was
The bend of her knee
The Espresso Girl
She's talking to me

On the highway from Fulda
Through the December snow
To the Batschkapp in Frankfurt
After the show
The painter from Poland
The vicar in black
The name on my jeans
The Espresso Girl
Is walking in my dreams

The year I was follow...
Following The Cure
Words were insects around my head
Everything was electric and pure
I went to see Mr. Smith
The red mouth saying
Japanese words like candy
To the bathroom mirrors
The Espresso Girl
Is walking through my head

As we walk unter den Bogen
We walk through the years
With shadow and light
The happiness and the fears
The shop with the big blue tapestry
It's been hanging there all those years
With two small figures facing each other
Little blue flower in a button hole


Always cooking up
Always looking for

My face in the mirror of Hotel Krafft
Behind me the boats on the Rhine in Bâle
Almost standing still against the stream
Like the boat in the painting on the wall
The Espresso Girl
Is swimming around in my head

Always cooking up
Always looking for get-me-not