E.C. Illa /

Old School Tactics

(feat. DJ BoogieBoy, Rhyme Fest)

[E.C. spoken]
Here we go once again
Back for more
Keep it on like this til the break of dawn
Show y'all how some real MC's cold rock the mic and get things right

Rock, rock, y'all, to the funky cuts
Freak freak, y'all. These nigga can't get enough
Hold tight, y'all and it'll be alright
Low Life, y'all, we keep it live all night

A Yo, I'm burning motherfuckers like Tiajuana hoes
Got a master degree in these devistating flows
And I know that y'all recognize the enemy
I'm an MC with tall skill and some mark ass ability
Living by ideals, hip hop pioneers instilled in me
And while you act like someone else, myself is who I'm thrilled to be
And still you be thinkin that you're ample
But don't you wonder why your labels cuttin off your ends like a sample?
I trample MC's like the running of the bulls up in Spain
And make a living giving motherfuckers pain
I reign as the wack crew attacker, Low Life cracker,
Beat and snare jacker, I'm after
Any who oppose and want to bring it
And now that you've quit rappin, motherfucker, you can sing it, uhhh

[Chorus x2]

[Rhyme Fest]
E.C. and Rhyme Fest, the hella shocka, tell a doctor
That this nigga broke his neck trying to do the helicopter
Call the pastor, 'cause when I blast ya, who's the master?
I daze and create ways like Legendary Traxster
Staying bolder, as I get older, the mic holder
Beat niggas around the world 'cause I'm a universal soldier
It's time to annihilate any and all
Competition who by wishin Ill would drop like a waterfall
And get wet up. I'll blow your whole set up
E.C. smack him in his face if he ever hold his head up
I strike like lightning and hit like a truck
Blew you up so bad intensive care wouldn't give a fuck
So why should I if you die?
This ain't Amen, but fuck with Ill and like Deacon, you're gonna Fry

[Chorus x2]

[scratching and cutting until fade by DJ BoogieBoy]