Simon Bookish /

The Flood

Do not be afraid of the flood (Be aware)
We have built a promontory to save you (Gather there)
Every civilization knows it (Make a list)
Myriad mythologies (On a disc)

The tide sweeps up below you (Far below)
A deluge of all known facts and figures (Ebb and flow)
Come to wash away Babylon (Purify)
Accretive information systems (Multiply)

You'd be wrong to be afraid of the flood (Incorrect)
The wave brings only enlightenment (Intellect)
Humankind's last chance to (Edify)
Join hands or drown (Standing by)

The flood (The flood)

If you can swim
Then you're safe from the flood
If you can think
Then you're free from superstition
Medea informs
Now you can sow the dragon's teeth

This is not the end (Or eschatology)