E.Town Concrete /


so you say it's love you show, huh? like you ain't know
you tortured my soul. every day stunting my growth.
put me in a stranglehold, so you can control. eating me
away you don't even know. you took my innocence,
pissed on it and put your dick in. I couldn't believe every
night I pray "help me please" down on my knees. and
you never answered me.
one foot in the grave. no you cannot be saved. it's what
you thought I should be. you can't fight destiny.
you took everything. everything.
if you were so omniscient, omnipotent and omnibenevolent,
i'd kneel to you. all you ever showed me was thunder and
rain, hunger and pain. help me find my way. help me find
my way.you fucking pervert burn in hell I want to make
you feel pain. if there was any god, he would take your
worthless life away. make innocence your prey, then take it
away. rape it away. burn in hell and I screamed...screamed
for the lord. but no one answered my calls.
fuck you god. you never answered my calls.