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Rahsaan Patterson

Rahsaan Patterson, an American actor and singer, was born in New York City on January 11, 1974. Rahsaan gained popularity for his role as “The Kid” on “Kids Incorporated”, a popular tele show of 1980s. Rahsaan’s voice has some resemblance with Chaka Khan’s voice whereas his songwriting and singing styles are close to Stevie Wonder’s styles. Rahsaan has been named after the name of a jazz 60s saxophonist.

In 1984, Rahsaan appeared in a talent show at his school and after that he auditioned for a television show. He was given the role as “The Kid” in this show “Kids Incorporated. He performed for this show for some years with some other stars of futures like Shanice, Mario Lopes and Fergie.

After his first performance as “The Kid”, Rahsaan performed as backup vocalist for some artists. After Rahsaan’s performance as a backup vocalist on Colour Club’s album, as some writing contribution for some artists, eventually signed an agreement with MCA Records and with Jamey Jaz, Keith Crouch released a debut (self titled) in 1997. The album was somewhat unable to attract large audience on a whole, however a single “where you are” received some attention especially on R & B radio.

Rahsaan’s second album “Love in Stereo” was released in 1999 and it was successful as compared to its predecessor and received a better response and reviews.

Rahsaan’s third album After Hours was released in early 2004 internationally and it again received even a better response and positive reviews. His most recent albums that were released in September of 2007, Spirits and Wines have been very successful and remained at top on chart.
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