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ZADERA, renowned German underground-band from Magdeburg delicately blending their Post-Punk and Goth influences to an exciting personal mixture, will release their second album entitled “Über die Jahre” (“Over the years”) in mid-June 2007.

Founded in early 2000, the band (today consisting of Conny (vocals), Michel (guitars), Peter (bass) and Matze (drums), quickly established themselves in the European Retro/True-Goth/Postpunk scene by playing live wherever they could and by releasing a demo and their mighty debut album “Something Red” that got them attention of both clubs and the press.

In early 2004 they entered the recording studio again to provide us with a splendid version of their secret hymn "Fallen"... a fantastic track that features all the great aspects of this band in one storming example... convincing to such an extent that we can now happily announce their debut album to be released on STROBELIGHT RECORDS in early October 2004.

- ZADERA are the contemporary incarnation of attitude and sound of ancestors such as NICHTS, XMAL DEUTSCHLAND and SIOUXSIE AND THE BANSHEES... -

Their musical style ranges from angry up-tempo-pogo-stompers to atmospheric melancho-smashers, a variety that makes pigeon-holing absolutely impossible. Gothpogo is what they are commonly referred to, but that’s a much too narrow classification. Find out yourselves, on CD as well as at one of their powerful gigs as for example at their WAVE-GOTIK-TREFFEN 2007 appearance in Leipzig…
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