Willy Mason /

When the River Moves On

brother brother brother
please forgive me
your woman loves another
and i fear that i am he
we grew up in the same wood
we fished the same pond
if ever our lines tangled
we'd cut 'em before dawn
will you hold on to what is gone
will you hold the rock when the river moves on
mother mother mother
sing a song to me
my friends have all gone travelling
and there's panic on tv
you know i am your baby
you've served my every need
but i've got this feeling lately
i've got to leave home to be free
will you hold....
father father father
don't you ever hold defeat
let it slip right through your fingers
when people spit it through their teeth
i was created in your likeness
and for that i'm blessed to be
but its time to separate my own dreams
for the ones you've passed to me
will you hold....