Apokrypha /


All along the World
The Death carts rumble
Hollow and harsh

All devouring insatiable
Like monsters crush humanity
Fused in one

Imagine since imagination
Could record itself
Grow to maturity
Horrified certainly

Under the guillotine
Into the same tortured forms
It will - itself

The Seven never reserve
They never reserve

Sow the same seed of rapacious license
And oppression over again
And will surely yeld the same fruit
According to its kind

Changeless and hopless
The turmoil rolls along
Deceivers and sourcerers
Conjuration - downfall

The Climax is on fire

Turmoil rolls along the streets
Change this back again
To what they were

Carriages of absolute monarchs
The equipages of feudal nobles
Are scum for themselves

The real negative ones
Approached their end

The ploughs go on and on
No more so tight suspended
The eyes survey the faces
Exponded of a day to come