Brother Against Brother

The armies they keep marching
Towards their deadly goal
I'm standing in their rows
Dying is my soul
Father, Mother
Help me in this misery
Father, Mother
Peace will never be
Father, mother
Soon I will join you
Father, Mother
To hell is where I'm going to
Brother against Brother
Man against Man
Killing eachother
Never again
Killing for religious reasons
Killing for supriority
Countless soldiers falling
And are rotting helplessly
Awaiting the enemies charge
With a rifle in my hand
To look a soldier in his eyes
And put his life to an end
Hit by a machine gun burst
Falling to the ground
The only thing that is left
Is the gun's so deadly sound
The last thing before I die
A soldier standing over me
His gun is pointing at my head
And so he'll release me from my pain