Galahad /

The Automaton

We put the fate of the human race in the hands of cold machines
They have no perception of compassion or hat it would really mean
If data caused the buttons to be pushed we'd all be blown away
Self destruction is the 'in' cause for the human race....

Digital, digital, digital man, eroding our emotions
Cynical, cynical, cynical man, his feelings disappear

The Automaton

Robot mentalities, attracting high positions
I hope this does not rub off on the younger generation
Awareness is more widespread than at any time before
With media power very much to the fore

Cynical, cynical, cynical man, when will he realise?
Digital, digital, digital man, will never understand

Sometimes technology advances
Are not always desired
Sometimes there comes a point
When it all gets too cold
Drained of all our instincts
Our common senses are reeling
Microchip revolution
But someone left out the feeling

I hope the higher echelons in science don't wrap
Themselves in their own little galaxies of knowledge
I hope that they maintain some semblance of their inner sanity
Don't digitise too far, digital man will never understand

Digital, digital, digital man, his conscience evaporates
Cynical, cynical, cynical man, has sterilised his faith
Digital, digital, digital man, when will he realise?
Digital, clinical, cynical man, will never understand!

Don't digitise too far