Galahad /


Yet another tragedy
And it seems so close to here
Destroying innocent young lives
For some it's been a career
You can see it in the vacant expressions
Numb from the pain of abuse
Crying out for compassion
There is no excuse for this

I could not believe my eyes
When I realised I'd witnessed such a scene
From the start of the nineties

Huddled naked and cold
Backed into a corner
Confused and unaware
Like holy lambs at the slaughter
That this could be their lives
For many years to come
We could turn the other cheek
And nothing would be done

But my faith in human spirit
Has risen once again
When I hear of all the offers
That are flooding in
Ordinary people taking on a role
Where old 'Nic had failed
In his infinite wisdom

"We welcome you with open arms
Knowing now that you will be free from harm"

Yes, my faith in human spirit
Has risen once again
Knowing that there are people
Who really still care
We take you all to our hearts
So that you may make a brand new start
And forget about all the suffering
But we must not forget those
Who are still trapped before this legacy of evil
It's got to be vanquished!