Galahad /

Richelieus Prayer

I can feel the surface tension mounting
Digging down into my skin, into my bones
Seeping through into my blood, into my flesh
Malignant, indignant of my state of mind

Putting on the pressure

My resistance is waning
There seems to be no way that I can win against
This human condition, feeling guilty for our kind
Though there's no need I know
It's just the way the operator runs my show

He's putting on the pressure

Like a time bomb, I'm primed to explode
Some time in the future, depends on how heavy the load
But don't worry, it's not going to blow for a while
Maybe when a decision is reached
At the end of my internal trial...

Mortar bombs and festive songs
Don't mix too well at Christmas time
This pantomime has lost its humour
I heard a rumour of Peace On Our Earth
It was lost in a dirge of plastic explosives
Blowing sky high the blood red roses
That were left on the doorstep of another young lover
Who, after all, was just one of our brothers
One of our brothers

There just vivid pictures on a TV screen
Of reality and what has been
This is no John Wayne movie
This is everyday violence for free!
And I'll say a prayer in the church of compassion
Miracles have been known to happen, haven't they?
So I've been told

It could have been me
It could have been you
It could have been me
It could have been anyone of you

They're putting on the pressure
They put you under pressure
They're putting on the pressure
They never let go
Never let go