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It's fakin' my soul
Like heroin like high
Dig for me a hole to lie

Play with my doll
Scratchin'her neck she dies
Than take the ball
Pierce it, than fly

Away from this world
Where I live my whole
Behind your world
I live through this

Let it roll, let it roll

Takin' some more
From this jelly pie
Fogy boy, kiss me,
Than cry

Slide on the wall
Looking for striprise
In case of fall
If I find you, hidin I

But wait, it's high time you brake!
What did you talkn' about ya freak?
Insain is the brain of yours
Get back to real life; family, car, child,
Work,home and wife
Emptyness means happyness
That's the rule of our world,back to this!
P.E.R.S.O.N.ality, not an advantage
Fuck that's reality