Obsidian Gate /

Tide of the Envenomed Oceans

into the depths of writhing souls banished here,
their energy of martyrdom for his honour feeds my vision of utter hell,
I see the beauty of earth reversed therein,
black seas of sin, plagued sludge of myriad damnations.
The force of the black planet earth,
my elysium fields drenched with the blood of misery and battles.

Time to take revenge on them,
time to poison the worlds they build.
Blood flows through the halls of hell,
the tide of the envenomed oceans.

Darkness is all that surrounds us.
Cyclones ravage the land.
The spray carves the black shores,
reflecting faces on the water.

Time to take revenge on them,
time - their endless suffering.
Lord, burn their souls forever,
ashes for the envenomed oceans.

No mercy for those I hate,
my chains I free by their fear,
and the world they praise being heaven,
I will surely conquer and devastate.

Darkness is all that surrounds us here in hell...

Satan... Come forth!

I step next to your throne, I hold the orb of fire
high into the air, capturing the tides of the sea
so black and invincible that no boat had come across,
the lightless abyss with a burning ground.
I kneel before your feet, horned master of all time,
the orb is aglow in darkest red, like of blood.
I sense the waves of the ocean rise so tall,
forming a sea full of boiling souls.

Hell, so infernal...
Hell, so immortal...
Hell, so eternal...
Hell - the arrival...

The souls captured in the ocean unite into one,
becoming a reflection of the mighty Satan-Lord.
Countless heads and horns, breath of plague and death,
spawn from the infernal oceans revealed to all distant worlds.
Prophets shall shiver in fear for the knowledge they witness,
the beast rising from the sea speaks of the doomsday to come.
The death of gods is near and also my revenge.
Soon I dive into the black floods and witness earth lain in debris.

Thus is the circle of the tide...
I drain my vision out of thee...
For sure, the time will come,
and the ocean will been set free:
The tide of the envenomed ocean's hell!