Poe /

If You Were Here

Father: What is it, Annie?

Daughter: I miss you.

If you were here
I know that you would truly be amazed
At whats become of what you made

If you were here
You would know how I treasure every day
How every single word you spoke
Echoes in me like a memory of hope

When you were here
You could not feel the value that I placed
On every look that crossed your face

When you were here
I did not know just how I embraced
All that you hid behide you face
Could not hide from me 'cause it hid in me too

Father: How are you, Tiger? It's great fun, talking with you like this. In fact, I'm going to do it more often.

Now that I'm here, I hear you
And wonder if maybe you can hear yourself

Father: *laughs*

Ringing in me now that you're somewhere else

Father: I miss you a lot.

'cause I hear your strange music gentle and true

Father: I'm sharing with you some of my reflections.

Singing inside me with
The best parts of you
Now that I'm here

Father: But I'm so proud of everything you do there, I love you most.

I hope somewhere you hear them too

Father: Next time I see you you'll proudly sing it back to me.

Now that I'm here--

I LOVE you

.... It's okay.. you can go now..