Optimus Rhyme /


I gotta be telling you something about that Autobeat commission
My mission? Destroy this mic, beat up that whack position
You listen to the propoganda, but I gotta get out and get him
I'm spitting, paranormal paths was fitting
Perfectly, paint over autobeat insignia,
See me on cybertron, sleeping in the symbiotic,
Gotta get logical, brains in the upper whackacon
Passed freely, they frequently patrol ???
For Wheelie, the fives ways to impersonate an officer
Somebody say they need ID
One hour later, that bot is needed, and I be
Communicate quickly with the Stumblebee
"Yo, it's the Optimus, R-H-Y-M-to-the-E"
Ya see me? I stop and ??? mumble mindlessly
Powerthighs, ???
??? got high like Grumblefly
He taught us the best way to abolish
Just to stall up at the top and
Taught us to floor ???
And, minus the lube ??? That you would hit the wall
Ignited the enemy, give him one more chance to call
Hear the clickity-clack, titanium kneepads
Botanic sweat glands pump oil to the hands
Hear the faintest sound of the matrix spluttering
Lying in the gutter with the voicebox stuttering
It's not fun to them, it's not fun to me
Its Wheelie, on another cover op, baby
And I fight for a fee

[Cuts out to japanese]