Jim Reeves /

Give Me One More Kiss

Give me one more kiss
For happiness I'll miss
For when I turn and walk away
We'll never kiss again.
Let me gaze upon you tenderly
The way you used to look at me
When we were happy and I thought
Our love would never end.

Everything is different now
The flame of love went out some how
I have a funny feelin' down inside
That the happiness I'm searchin' for
Is waiting on some foriegn shore
So darling, give me one more kiss
Before we say goodbye.

--- Instrumental ---

Give me one more kiss
One moment more of bliss
Before I turn my back on love
And break a heart that's true.
For a pretty girl aloud me some
Is all the happiness I've known
And I could never settle down
As you would have me do.

Memphis, Dallas, Sante Fe
I loved them all they're calling me
I want to see the open road again
I'm leaving just the way I came
It's best if you forgot my name
So darling, give me one more kiss
For things that might have been.

--- Instrumental ---

Give me one more kiss
And please remember this
I'm not the kind to take a heart
And break it just for fun.
And I know I'll miss your smiling face
I want to feel your warm embrace
But wonderlust is in my soul
I must be movin' on.

Even though your love is real
I've told you just the way I feel
It seem that there is nothin' more to say
I hear my train a-comin' now
I know you'll get along some how
So darling, give me one more kiss
And I'll be on my way...