Pimps and Hookers

Give it up for working stiffs
And those who sell their bodies, time and future
The popular people
Who can shout and spread a catchy rationalization

Lets give a cheer for androids
Robot servants and their masters
Blind leading the blind
And slavery is freedom

Starts to resound, everyone knew Madison
She came to Hollywood a couple buttons short
Couldn't keep her story straight, she had a drawer
Full of poisons, punctures, pictures of victims

Of course someone asks
Are they still victims if they never realize it?
Go ask a PA minor breathing blackness
Smoking 3-pack Camels

Loyal Americans who love their collar colored for 40 hours
A spade is still a spade, a collar is still a collar

Whether it be blue or white, it's still around your neck
The silk leash nice and tight, your wife helped pick it out
The irony is that you worked 3 hours for it
And you wish you could ignore it

You're a hooker, start to realize its true
They sniff their coke, you huff your glue
Pimps and prostitutes, businessmen in monkey suits
On their knees licking corporate boots
Suckin' up, jumping through hoops

Pimps and Wall Street hos
Work the street in business clothes
Blowjobs, rimming, sucking cock
They're getting laid while you're getting laid off