Transistor Transistor /

Straight to Hell

Don't be flattered this fuck's a favor
Pregnant with lies about to go into labor
The doctors are actors so they can't save her
And i'm in pieces on the operating table
Can you hear me? pick up operator
We can talk talk talk
I would straighten this out but my tongue was in knots
It's not my fault fault fault
Our intentions were good but that's all that we've got
You better cross your heart
I'm going to cross my cursed heart
I returned like an emergency
To a waiting room full of adultery
Surgeons stitching together apologies
But there isn't a syringe to suck the sin out of me
No fire no ice just nothing for the rest of your life
No entrance no exit i don't believe but i expect it
We're all going straight to hell
We're all going straight to hell