Optimus Rhyme /


C-C-C-C-Carburator, ah-ah-ah-ah, ???
Modulator regula-le-lating breath flow
I bought a ???
Systematically check my sylabels
Now, a-e-i-o-u-o-i-e-a, hey
Voice command completed, dial in, dial up
Grew up today to delete it
Overheated too, biochemicals
Loose up and apply, Pull wires aside
My boiler's running, I'm alive
Self-consciousness, microchip dismissed this
Crucial element, and I went, "My name is Wheelie"
Alignment: Autobeat, assignment: whackacon
Fill up memory, capacity five ??? overwriten,
Just bootin' up the bot next to me
Hit it

Connect the negative and puh-uh-positive terminals
Now I'm letting guh-uh-go of the darkness, puh-uh-peripherals
Starting to muh-uh-make sense, I'm at 12% latency
You cuh-uh-can't stuh-uh-stop me
Now plug speaker wires into my comm link
You think rust is a sign of cuh-uh-complacence
Face it, that thought's wasted
My nanotech's been ??? in the buh-uh-basement
Forget reboot, forget control alt delete,
This autobeat's powers' hittin' this beat
Within a dirty warehouse, it's still hittin' the streets
A new face to the elements, a yuh-uh-unique
Finally complete, you're 'bout to witness
Hiphop in it's truest form, lyrical sickness
That's how we did this, so raise up a metal fist
And get ready to spark that shit, it's the Optimus