Transistor Transistor /

And the Body Will Die

I was a face in a crowd full of ghosts
You're a fire at a funeral, hot damn and holy smoke
I was dreaming in it watching you float
You were a face in a crowd full of ghosts
You scared the shit right out of me you were paler than most
How thoughtless how feel-less
I've been half dead and haven't felt less
I've been a body bled dry but these words remain more weightless
We don't even say anything, we don't believe in it anyway
I won't let another tonight be drowned by the anchor of your memory
It was a fast black beneath a slow flash
We left our names at the door
Bound and gagged our pasts back at home
When i wake up on the floor you know i'll keep my mouth closed
We all wear our scars on our necks and we know why
Kill the head and the body will die
I fear nothing i fear nothing
I was a ghost