Witchcraft /

You Bury Your Head

They say you look like a gypsy
And got a smile of a thief
You wear your clothes like a hippie
In you they got no belief
And you're just walking around
Thinking about nothing
You're well known in this town
Cause of your big brown muffin

And every day to you
Really looks the same
But you've got nothing to lose
You're not even in the game
You can't deny
All the feelings you have
Even though you wish to
Cause I know you feel sad

You bury your head deep in the sand
You cannot take all the fear things've gotten out of hand
People despise your free ways I know you're misunderstood
But is that really the truth couldn't things be good?

You're all alone
And you've got no one
You're lost in the game
It is the pentagram
It's got your soul again
And you'll never be free...no