Daylight Dies /

Forfeiture of Life

i stare at rusted structures
creation ignored abandoned
left to die
in these forsaken halls voices softly cry
inside so long
now there's no way out
every moment within
an eternity
i have never thought
never pretended
that i deserved more than this
if you'd only ask
i'd give it all back
a forfeiture of life
my life
through existence i am falliing
blurs of pale grey and blue
shattered heart, pierced together
so long i've played this game
dead dreams
the silent screams
of hopes buried alive
covered eyes
unwilling to see
the empty ruins of my life
the lights have never worked here
twisted cracks smirk through the plaster
i believe they've always been here
if you're silent you can here my dying
you probably think it sounds like breaking
you think i'm still living