K-Rino /

The Me You Don't See (feat. Ashlei Mayadia)

Hey, come into my house for a second
What house, yeah my real house listen to your boy

I been to' down by the world, now it's time to rebuild
I'm real enough to call you fake, and you too fake to tell me that I'm real
Out of your two sides, which one will we know
The real side behind closed doors, or the one that you show
When I'm alone I talk to myself, that's strange to you
I think we all do, you crazy if you don't in my view
Showing as much of my game face, the world can consume
But how do I carry myself, when it's just me in a room
Don't get me wrong, I thank the good Lord for blessing my stillness
Like ignorance, seems to get more blessings than realness
Positivity I condone, but still I'm prone to do evil
Have you ever felt alone, inside a room full of people
If we could read minds for a day, and hear what folks ain't speaking
You might be shocked, if you knew what some of these people were thinking
About you yeah you, I know that I'm being felt
You can tell them lies to me, but you can't lie to yourself

(Hook: Ashlei Mayadia)
The side of me, that you don't see
That shows the pain, and the misery
That I'm going through, but never showing you
But when I'm all alone, this is what I do

My bad side I'm guilty, you're barely checking that
I dream that I shed tears, the second that God read me my record back
I activate thoughts, and sharpen my wits
The deeper you go inside my heart, the darker it gets
I rarely speak about my street wars, the things that I've done
The youngster that tried to kill me, in 2001
Or was it 2002, I can't remember myself
I can't forget where I came from, cause I never left
Now if I wanna stack, I gotta bring my serious mind back
I put nothing past nobody, and it's a period behind that
I been the villain and the victim, but my love is blind black
If you ain't sure you heard me right, then rewind that line back
I take the bad with the good, cause they feed each other
I might be tripping, but it's kinda like they need each other
Because without good, the bad wouldn't be seen and such
And without the bad, the good might not mean as much


The me you don't see, the side that tends to play men
The side the day he asked God, to forgive him for the same sin
The side of me that's scared to fail, and won't face the ill winds
That occasionally doubts, the existence of real friends
The real me, not the M.C. that brag and boast
The man who underappreciates women, he loves the most
The side of me that wanna give up, but'll never admit it
Who know the move I pulled was out of line, but still went and did it
I'm trying to gather good intentions, and abolish what's left
The man that's sitting inside the hoe house, with not of his self
Do I think it's fair I make music, that not many jam
Or hourly say I ain't tripping, but inside I really am
Women come and go, relationships was never what they could be
Some loved me, but I don't think none of em understood me
Cause if they did, we'd still be together possibly
But I can't cry about it, cause whatever happened was meant to be yeah