Welcome To Florida /

Time On My Hands

When the sun is in my eyes
A new breed of problem can arise
Color the air with a white light blanket
The summertime scent leaves the wind untainted
Spin it on back until your partner fainted
Trying to respond
Cut the tightrope and watch the sound come over
Wherever you face puts the dark on your shoulder
Your secrets are waiting right inside this folder
Watching all along
But you won't have to wait
And I won't have to hate
The way the sunlight hits me when it falls upon my face
I got too much time on my hands
And it's a long way over from the field to the stands
I twist around my feelings for what it commands
And it's ugly
Comb the cobwebbed countryside
Scatter your seeds both far and wide
Deal with the heat and keep your wits around you
Take a seat and let the water flow down through
The space that lies where the cold surrounds to
Where I rest my head
Coming up drunk and wait for sleep to go slowly
Float and you glow like you were everything holy
Look at it spread like a carpet below me
Right beside my bed