Optimus Rhyme /

Who Me?

My name is Wheelie Cyberman
Live again
See we drive 'em in
To the shitty barrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

Who me?
It's Whee-lee-lee-lee-lee-lee
I sing this song, stalkin' down 18th.
Mr. Cyberman
I rock the fake mustache and re-sizable tophat.
You got that?
And customizable shockpads.
I stock mad piles of reliable chips.
It's autobeat business like this.
With witness list up to my stickshift
This crew, moving through the environments.
My nose to the ground, sniffing out the intoxicants.
You smell that?
It is a (Whackacon) presence.
It's obvious.
You can hear it in the records.
My hobby is finding undeniable proof.
It's 2 AM, I'm on the roof with the spy glass.
Why ask those losers if they bite that?
I got the answer, meet me in the phone booth.
Check the photograph
Hey look, bot, they do.
Who me? It's W-A-H-P!

Keep an office space on lunar base 3.
Had a secretary but she bolted.
I think she was insulted
By the fact that we track (Whackacons).
I always keep the energon loaded,
But so did the second 'cause
He was a mechanic from Megadon.
That's how we planned it,
Get intelligence expanded.
Throw a barbecue and demand
That she bring a few close friends.
Scan the mechanic and then we're in.
Somebody dropped a credit
And man I didn't land it, couldn't stand it.
I just shifted my top hat, took a deep breath
Got back in the saddle.
There'll be another battle, there'll be another night.
It's Optimus Rhyme,
We don't believe in getting rattled.
Let me elaborate; I keep a focused sight,
Envision my enemies face down leakin',
Cause I eradicate mental mind slaves while I'm speakin'