Severed Savior /


Close-minded faith verses science
Both on the front line
Faith’s weapon of choice
False fantasy
Scientist’s defense
Truth beyond truth

With actual facts to prove there is fabricated delusion in use
Deception at the birth of every child used as involuntary recruitment
Documented by one of their own
Supposedly handed to him by this so called deity

Trained to maintain a shield from opposition
Tactics shattered by fact
Reactions drag at the thought of defeat
Filters embedded into their control centers

Veracity hidden behind vital nerves
Being fed fiction, overcast by absurdity
Masters of selective observation
Disregarding evidence of biological evolution

How can we be the only ones in this universe?
We are but a grain of sand in an everlasting desert
A lethal injection pushed in an absent direction

Why live in a state of paranoia
Over someone who never shows their face
They can’t fathom being wrong
With truth dangling in front of their closed eyes

Impossible to think that they evolved out of chance
Impossible to think their earliest ancestors were single-celled organisms
Who will win? Ones with fantasy? Or ones with fact?
Why can’t you answer me

Who will win? Ones with faith? Or ones with evidence?
What will win? Lies or independence?
Answer this question