Cyanotic /


A restless reaction to what I witness.
Taught to believe that ignorance is strength.
A dystopic creation dividing a nation.
Theocratic agendas breeding fear from hate.
A last chance to rectify.
A faiding hope now lost in time.
To retain control of an open mind.
To recoup the losses and fall in line.
Waiting in worry for the confirmation of information
Which proves to be a case of history reapeating.
This is a call to arms.
This is a call to war.
This is a call instilling fear in all.
This is a rallying cry.
This is a reason to die.
Divided we stand and united we fall.
Tension mounting with every moment.
Ascending faster than the speed of sound.
Suffice to say we succumb to combat.
Sending our successors to the battleground.
A sole voice to justify a reason for so many to decry.
Intolerance and faith confides that death is product of peace in time.