Keith Murray /

Sucka Free

Meet the villain with a thousand faces
I'll stab you up in a thousand places
I might catch you with a blade or a rap
Cause it's always more than one way to skin a rat
Them young boys fucking up hip hop
We've always been original get your own props
I show up in boots to your black tie affair
And physically put this funk up in your ear
I got friends in all the low places that keep me high
And we be up all night just like the red eye
I never sleep like nueva york
Miss me with all that body waste she's talking
Hit me with your best shot fire away
I'm da super easy minded MC OK!
I'm skin tight and knee deep shit
So long on you both my feet fall asleep

I know you know what we got to do is
Take it to the limit with so much force
Tell dem niggaz get sucka free or get lost
I know you know what we've got to do is
Take it to the limit with so much force tell them chicks
Get sucka free or get lost

[Verse 2]
So it comes as no surprise
Nigga you snooping around like a private eye
But idiot the victory is mine
Ya niggaz can't chew gum and walk at the same time
You stupid but it ain't no crime
Your third eye is blind well a aight then fine
I will hit ya pussys and make you fart
With enough energy to make a car start
I stay crispy you dissed me you pissy
I'll stomp you out like Hannibal did in Sicily
It's Keith and I got to be a mighty mighty MC -c-c-c-c-c-c
You a savage kid you might as well run around with a pet pig
I see a ugly chick and she's scoping
And I'm like got damn who left the gate open
Most prominent and dominant
Shittin like I'm like lactose intolerant
Meanwhile I hopped the turnstile
With the L. O. D. Ichbabod Crane style
I stepped into some shit them wiped it with my hand
See that's what makes me who I am, goddamn
No if and buts or maybes
Yo! E this shit is crazy baby


[Verse 3]
OH! That's how it is, that's how you living
I consider all ya as my children
Funk like feet collardgreen and chitlens
I stole your girl while I was in prison (no you didn't)
You can ask E cause he brought her up to see me
Keith you can't smoke weed, man pass the light
My probation thing is gonna be aight! aight!