Hank Snow /

What Do I Know Today

What do I know today

I know of tangled wilds I know of birds that sing
That there are doves in nests on crippled wings
I know of butterflies I know of clinging vines
That there are sands of time I know there's God

What have I seen today

I've seen the ships that sail and I've seen the tides that rise
I've seen the flowers drink dew and stars in the skies
I've heard a baby cry and a man and a woman sigh
Seen courage in their eyes I've seen the face of God

What have I heard today

I've heard the woodland's heart and I've heard the crickets call
I've heard the whistlin' wind and the water fall
I've heard the startled deer and I've felt the mountain breeze
I've heard the whispering leaves I've heard the voice of God

Where have I been today

I've walked on virgin sod I've walked from east to west
I've I crawled along through vines and lain to rest
I've walked through rippling brooks the meadows fringe I've trod
I've been most everywhere I've been with God