Desaster /

In a Winter Battle


...where brave men stroke down their holy oppressors

Onward they ride to the land
Red are the swords in their hand
Black are their souls
Hate in their minds
So they are going to fight

Crushing all holy and weak
Burn their churches they love
Burn all they have
Let the blood flow
This is the hour of revenge

Hear the sound of the steel
Mixed with their screams
Fire and flames
Shine into the night
Shining so bright
Die by the sword
Mendacious gods

Unleash the unholy storm
Celebrate a rebirth in the night
Destroy all the sacred
Destroy all the blessed
And built the vast kingdom again

On dragonships they come to the coast
To enter the sanctuary
Odin's strike has begun
And will not end
Till'the last one has died

[repeat chorus]

This is our war
And the saviour is dead
Fighting so proud
For the bastard's end