Welcome To Florida /

Inside My Mind This Time

I said I'm broke down, put my name on your list
Turn my smile to a frown, my frown to a fist
Resist, exist as is for this is no fantasy
Baby cry out now, if you feel the urge
You got nothing but ears, but have you heard
The word is out now, and it's been knocking down doors
So color me pink, or color me red
Instead of a head on your plate, for God's sake
There's one choice to make, so don't fake or you'll end up leaving
Lord I got nothing but time, you'll find my mind confused
I feel antsy as hell, but also down with them blues
If you could spend a day in my shoes
You would figure it out and help me choose
Cuz I've got my pride, inside my mind this time
Pushing and shoving, something for nothing
I'm in a bind
I drive by my alibi
Pick him up, no he's got a ride
I'm on my own this time
Some may say I've got myself to blame
To them I say that I am simply insane
I waste away my pain and my brain
Cuz throughout my days they've been one and the same
There's something wrong in the world tonight
The light doesn't even want to put up a good fight
Despite my sight I might just take my flight
Out of the darkness because I need my light
There she is standing at the edge of the road
Now there goes my sanity and my soul
I showed her my end and now I got to fold
Now I'm in more debt than you know
It seems unfair, but apathy's my escape
The way we go on is just to take and to take
I love to love, and I hate to hate
But it really doesn't matter cuz it's all the same