Caravan /

Keepin' Up De Fences

Standing in the hall waiting for a call, trying to keep a smile on my face
Fell out of a dream that nearly had me screaming at night all over the place
And I was calling everywhere, but I can get no answer
There isn't anybody here, there's no answer

Then out in the night, try to get back, couldn't get it out of my head
Everywhere it seemed, I was followed by a dream, a voice that was clearly said
"You won't escape from me tonight, you know I've got your number
You are the next in line my friend, what's your number?"

Gotta find a way to fight back
Gotta keep a line of decencies
Gotta keep up my defences

Gotta be a song, a face by the dawn, it seemed to be calling me
--------- said that he would show me a way that I could shake a tree
Didn't have a voice, didn't have a choice, and my head felt like dynamite
Anyone but now it felt like a blow to one thousand pieces in the night
Oh, gotta help me now, I need find the answer
There isn't anybody here, there's no answer

Oh, gotta help me now
Keep a line of decencies
If you will only keep up de fences