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Mark E. Smith Self Interview

Unknown Bloke - "probably sold more of these tapes than anything else,
and that's a remarkable self interview, by the rather out of it Mark Smith, of the Fall. Well lets kick off now."

Mark E Smith - "I shout for the fall, and I'm about to interview myself. For my fee arena friend Grant, In his bid to clean up the market interested in what emperors and latter day art heroes, like myself have to say, hang on I'll just get my line, I mean urgh lines.
Yeah I could go on about errm, what a load of shit the music biz is 'n all that.
and how melody maker is becoming a threat to the proletariat. I sincerely believe that. My mother just told me that errm the person, or rather the group that recorded turning japanese "turning Japanese you know I'm turning Japanese.." Is a fucking liar! Can you believe that? Can you believe it!
So I'll stick to my band and just say, the Fall have got a single coming out about June, on a record label I'm not Prepared to disclose

Grant Showbiz - "and he's not..."

Mark E Smith - "How I wrote elastic man which is about how the public kill off their heroes creativity, err and City Hobgoblin, which was originally entitled "Case for the Jews", not that that's got anything to do with the song. Presently.. about to be released.
Go into you record dealer, and ask why, ask your local record dealer why he is such a dick. City Hobgoblins is err its good. its err peons of paranoia number 1 aisle 9-7. We've got a new drummer on it errr called, Paul Hanley, who is Steve's brother. Who couldnt be here at the moment coz he's at school. Errrm the rest can't be here at the moment coz I wouldnt let them come here at the moment. err yeah, Paul took over from Mike who left the band a while back, for various reasons... in fact we got a... there's a fanzine interview with him and I quote, they asked him about the fall's relationship with drugs and he says... heh.. he says "let's get this straight.. haha... drugs have killed and maimed thousands of people and it's about time some more working-class heroes stood up and said something about it." Well, Mike was always a good contrast to the band..