Rachelle Ann Go /

I Care

Lyin' in my bed
I find it hard to sleep tonight
Wond'ring if you're thinking of me too
Though I try to close my eyes
I'm filled with thoughts of you
Even in my dreams
There's none but you

Let me say it one more time
The words I keep inside
This heart of mine has something to reveal
That you're always in my pray'r
And this time to you I swear
There's nothing that I won't do for you
I care

Friends they say that I might fall in love deeply with you
Would you care if what they say is true
Never been like this before and never had a clue
If this is love,I'm sure it's something new

Repeat Chorus

Oh how I wish you feel the same for me
Baby when you look at me
That's how you seem to be

Repeat Chorus