Welcome To Florida /

Last Cigarette

But I wont smoke my last cigarette, and I wont do no bad deeds
And I'll give you anything you ask for, anything you need
Trying to unwind I find a feeling I once knew
Existentialist trying to dismiss the urge to rush on through
But if anything, if anything, I will provide for you
But I won't hold responsible what I think is true
And I think you do
Everyone is waiting around, it's like I've finally found an excuse to run
All these things are happening the same, and I cant explain why I'm having fun
What happened to the things we use to know
I guess it proves everything just goes to show
Waiting on pins and sins, within my own pale skin, I'll throw it in the trash bin
I waited just to ask you the way to refrain from that play and still capture the day
I wanted to explode inside your show
But patience is a virtue, don't you know
Anything, everything, or nothing that you do
I will be right beside, staying true to you
Til I turn blue