Keith Moon /

Together Rap (feat. Ringo Starr)

Ringo: I don't drink anymore, I don't drink any less. And here he is, that well-known star of stage, screen, and the rainbow, Mr. Keith Moon! Let's hear it for Keith!
Keith: That's uncommonly decent, dear boy, you said that extremely well.
Ringo: Thank you, I've been taking talking lessons.
Keith: Oh really?
Ringo: Yes.
Keith: Anywhere I know?
Ringo: Got my teeth fixed, now my lips don't work. Ho ho ho.
Keith: Ho ho ho!
Ringo: Well, you see this one...
Keith: Could you ??? with your beard?
Ringo: ...isn't working.
Keith: Isn't work -
Ringo: I could tell from the start...
Keith: I could tell by the -
Ringo: wasn't working.
Keith: Just the way -
Ringo: It's a wonderful track.
Keith: What?
Ringo: It isn't working.
Keith: Wouldn't say a word against the track.
Ringo: Nah, I wouldn't.
Keith: ???
Ringo: With all your friends on it.
Keith: ???
Ringo: Do I know any - who's on this track? Do I know anybody?
Keith: Most of them.
Ringo: Oh, good.
Keith: Ah...
Ringo: Are you gonna tell me who they are?
Keith: Well, there's Mr. Danny Kootch.
Ringo: Danny Kootch.
Keith: There's, ah, Jesse Ed Davis.
Ringo: Jesse Ed Davis!
Keith: And, ah, a German friend, Klauss Voorman.
Ringo: Klauss! (German type gibberish?)
Keith: And, ah, Van Hyde Park.
Ringo: Van Dyke, you know I love your underpants.
Keith: Ah, Mr. Harry Nilsson.
Ringo: Harry, not Harry Nilsson, the real Harry Nilsson? You've got the real Harry Nilsson...
Keith: No, not the real one.
Ringo: ...on your record, Keith?
Keith: No, the blow-up.
Ringo: God, you're so lucky!
Keith: It's the uh, you can get it --
Ringo: Jim. Jim.
Keith: Jump?
Ringo: Jim... Oh, and you've got Jim Keltner, too!
Keith: And Jim Kelt - yes, I've got Jim Keltner, too!
Ringo: I'm not even here!
Keith: Six Box Tops...
Ringo: Am I in Chicago?
Keith: Okay, I'll accept.
Ringo: Am I in Washington?
Keith: My dog doesn't eat meat.
Ringo: I'm glad. It's very expensive these days. My dog can't play pool.
Keith: Why can't your dog play pool?
Ringo: He's got no balls! Good night, and over to you... Well, we got him laughing in the box. Nancy wrote that joke, you know...
Keith: Do you think, ah, they noticed?