Sheena Easton /


Time has come to say goodbye to broken memories
Locked inside like prisoners, in a place that no one sees

Im a prisoner, go on and lock myself away
Just a prisoner, lonely, lonely
Im a prisoner, just when you think love will stay
It walks right out on you, out on you (oooh)

Stayed up late with a friend of mine, sodden comfort till dawn
Talked about the pain of love, shouldve known from the start you were wrong


The sky is grey, its rainin, like the storm in my heart
There aint no use explainin, cause Im leavin, leavin, leavin, gone

(Instrumental break)

Tired blood runs through my veins, but I cant get no sleep
Locked my heart in these prison walls, this place I got to leave

chorus repeats 2x

(Im a prisoner) Oh, you gotta let me go
(Just a prisoner) Just cant take no more (lonely, lonely)
(Im a prisoner) Oh, you gotta let me leave
(Walks right out on you) Out on you

chorus to fade