Worlds Apart /

Like It Was, Like It Is

Like it was, like it is

Never wanted to deceive you
Never told you a word of a lie
Understand it, I never planned it
I needed space, girl, I ha to fly

Bets friend told me, you bought and sold me
When you said jump, I said how high
But when I left you, you cried for hours
I never turned back, I got wise

Did you think our love was sacred baby
Did you think I was hooked on you
Never even worried when we got naked
Now all that's forever it's my goodbye

I left you girl right or wrong
The memory of you still goes on and on
Ah - like it was, like it is
Like it's over

All I wants the air to breathe in
No confusion clouding up my sky
You've got no faith in, what I belived in
Girl I'll never take an eye for an eye