Sacred Steel /

Master of Thy Fate

(Soliloquy of the abandoned Demon-God:)

"I am the thorn in your side ! Your fault, your Flesh Divine...
All that you blame on me is what you made me to be !
In your eyes I've grown much too strong... Have I not been your Chosen One ?
(Cursed) Dark Gods CROM and XU ! You deny me... I defy you !!!"
"You deny me... I defy you !
You deny me... I DEFY YOU !!!"

((THE WITCH:) "Fret ye not, beloved Son... your time is at hand !")

"I have fallen from Grace. You left me behind (and) spat in my face !
(I've suffered your impertinent) Endless, malicious Attack. Believe me, I'm tired to always fight back...
...So many soldiers I've slain... I had to kill them again and again !!!
I am embittered and sad... may 'STORMHAMMER' lay me forever to rest !"

"This is the end... the end you've planned ?
This is my way... TO YOUR DECAY !!!"

((THE WITCH:) "Whatever they dare to confront thee with ! In the end you will reign supreme !")

"Now (you) revel in Victory ! (Now that) You got rid of me ! ...
(You've) Crushed me with your Hate ! I am the Master of my Fate !
(I was the) Beast of War ! Your King of gore !
My Soul you have betrayed ! (Nevertheless) I am the Master of thy Fate !!!"

"(With) My backs to the wall. I face the end, proud, standing tall !
(I was) Never a sheep in your flock ! I am my Master, (my) King and my God !
Forever fool and enslave all those who hail you, sing and give praise...
(You) Can't stand my Courage and Course... I broke your Rules ! Yes !!! I broke your Laws !!!"

"(You are the) Master of thy Fate... Master...
Master of thy Fate... Master...
Master of thy Fate... Master...
Master of thy Fate... Master..."

((THE TYRANT KING:) "Come and take me to the Bowels of Cythraul, Ceridwen, mother in Death...")