Weekend Excursion /

Nine Days

When I saw you for the first time
I could have never dreamed of having you by my side
But when I held you for the last time
It hurt so much to realize what I was leavin behind

But I'm thinkin of you
I hope you're thinkin 'bout me
In hopes that one day
A couple we'll be
And if we dont meet
I'll remember the times that we've had together
Yes I'm singin to you to set my heart free
Travel the distance 'tween you and me
Through all the tears
I remember the times that we've had together

Well I'm my way to a better life
So they say, so they know
Into my future I leave friends far behind
That's what's expected
So I go


Well call me crazy
For what I do tonight
If I don't take my chances
I won't go home feelin right
Cause the things we never do
Cause lookin back in a year or two
I'll wish that I'd made true
All the words I never said to you