Oceans of Sadness /

Who's in Control

What do you see when closing your eyes?
What do you see when day becomes night?
What do you feel close to death?
What do you fear holding breath?
What do you feel, closing your eyes?

Higher control, chasing unknown
Hoping that one day we all can go home
No one can know who's in control
Try to express all the anger that you show

You walk away from misery, every chance you get you flee
Alk away and try to start all over... Stupid one!
Every human thinks that he's invincible and doesn't need
Other people handing them the answers
So every time you try to be all the things that people need
Realise that you can never help them... foolish one!

Cratching the life with the end of my nails,
Scratching the life, wash away!
Rob that feeling!