Hilltop Hoods /

I Believe (feat. DJ Reflux)

These lyrics are totally wrong... definately not Hilltop Hoods!
I agree - I'll start us off with someting slightly more correct :]

This is Suffa MC

Hey I could say
Life's not all that it's cracked up to be
And I feel like a dump truck's up and backed onto me
And it's smothering me in a wealth of decay
And I'm sufferin B And no-one's ever felt the way I do
But I believe in something (what you believe)
I do belive I believe in life (well I believe)
I do believe that the sun is shining on the other side of the night
And if I believe long enough and I believe strong enough
And I believe in my own damn song enough
Then I can believe in myself believe in faith crush my own anger envy even hate
Then we can make a new start free from hate believe in faith as a positive even great
Proceed to wait from our dreams we need to make as I can't leave it late
We need to take the seeds that take our hearts and see the break