R.A. the Rugged Man /

Till My Heart Stops (feat. 8-Off the Assassin)

( yes yes yall yea yea yall yes to the yea yall yes yes yeah yall yea
(Evil Dee) Word up - R A - Rock on!
yea yall yes yes yall yea yall yes yall yea yea yes yall)

(RA) We not like you other MC's
(Adolf) Riding fake props
(RA) I'll be in this rap shit till my fucking heart stops
(Adolf) We not like you other MC's
(RA) Riding fake props
(Adolf) Actin hard but you front in front of the cops

Karate flick co-starring, Agallah and
Me and you street sparring, yo son what about Sharon
I'm in the mansion sipping Dom with Wong from Hong Kong
We smoking fucking hydro out the bong
You telling me Adolf the Assassinator 'you the don'
Don what nigga, that's that old funny shit
Yo we got the information yo where the money kid
Fucking up ya generation like the mob
I'm on my job, yo Brooklyn New York street heart throb
Knock you out till your fucking face blob
Adolf the Assassinator - yo kid we hard
Yo smack you on some barbecue lard
Yo kid - Yo niggas is hungry you god!
Yo I know what time it is like clap and flash and shaft
Sit down wit my niggas, smoke weed, watch a video and laugh
Yo smacking bitches on the ass, yo anymore weed to pass?
That's the next question - the next suggestion -
it's where your rhyme profession
Sinking down the drain - yo fuck his name, fuck the game
Adolf the Assassinator shooting like the flamethrower
Yo God, split the seas like Noah - or should I say Moses
Everything is not fucking dandelions and roses
Supposed to fold us - niggas chose us to rock us
Adolf the - stop us - see our dime droppers
Niggas with the shit poppers, I'm on some high school shit
Running through the fucking hall ripping open niggas lockers
Seeing if they stole my rhymes
Yo kid I'm giving niggas one more chance - one more time to enhance
Yo kid I seen a glance of a cat trying to steal my rap
All them niggas deserve is a smack
Adolf the - I dont like that
You a baby need to feed similac - Yo god, how about that?
I seen you doubt that RAW ROUTE that
Yo Adolf the - how you being to me
Yo you need to wake up smelling the coffee

(RA)We not like you other MC's
(Adolf)Riding fake props
(RA)I'll be in this rap shit till my fuckin heart stops

(RA The Rugged Man)
Cause we can play daily- cursed with all types of bad lucks
It's common sense - "Everybody life sucks!"
Dont you know that, I knew this - My whole life
The anglo-saxon, caucasian, low-life - the no money broke life
The subway cup holders, street corners
Constantly look over you shoulders
It's official; we dirty, crusty till death do us, or does us
It's a shame aint nobody love us
Plus understand this Rugged man be who the man is -
I'm trying to piss on white bitches tryin to act like they spanish
My two fists light you, if I fight you, I bite you
Like Mike Tyson, we street-fighting
The money, pussy, plus the glamour - none of it's exciting
I'm sick of living, I stay depressed make me wanna give in (echoes 3x)
I'm not gonna be able to do this shit y'all -
Suffolk County that's the place we live
Exit 6-2 crazy ass Stonybrook kids
Vinny Baretta Human Beatbox Bum - who be the sickest - nobody sicker
Your clicks thick but mines thicker
I rock wit ya - who iller - you outta place
Got big balls whip the dick out - fuck you in your face
The beautiful - the rap leader
The lack of cash dreamer
The 450 lb fat bitch ass-eater
Yo ask MC Hammer if he seen her
I need a freak like Adina
Yo Agallah bring the heater
They biting styles like mosquita
But fuck them I stay creeping
Which bitch wanna get they pussy eaten?
Super-freak hideous
I went to school on the special-ed minibus
Cant trust us- bust us- who rugged us?
Adolf Agallah - R-A The Rugged Man

(RA) We not like you other MC's
(Adolf) Riding fake props
(RA) I'll be in this rap shit till my fucking heart stops
(Adolf) We not like you other MC's
(RA) Riding fake props
(Adolf) Yo acting hard but you front in front of the cops


(Evil Dee)
Word up- know what I'm sayin
Evil Dee in your area
If you listening on cassette,you better turn that mu-fucka over
If you listening to cd,let that mu-fucka play
Cause we going on to the next side