Rough Silk /


He was water when the river
took a screaming mother's life
in the night he was the reason
why the ripper used his knife
he was anger, hate and misery
in a billion deadly wars
he was the rising flag of violence
when fanatism made the laws

he hid where the snake led adam
to damnation with a grin
he was around when the young girl lost her innocence
to a man not worth her sin
all the years he was a gambler
threw the cards and rolled the dice
fed the ages of temptation
with the grapes of sacrifice

mephisto - just a painted face
mephisto - when you cut quiet noise
mephisto - with a helping hand
mephisto - you're lost my friend
- with every soul he takes
another price of his cold heart breaks

he was not allowed to cry
when the earth screamed lound in pain
when silence broke the music
and millions died in vain
he's the inner voice of darkness
that makes our conscience die
he was the smoke over battlefields
and the deadly thirst of science