John Lennon & Yoko Ono /

Cold Turkey

-"This is a new song that, er... John wrote"
-"And we've never done this number before so best of luck. It's called 'Cold Turkey'"

One, two, three, four!

The temperature's risin', fever is high
Can't see no future, can't see no sky

My feet are so heavy, so is my head
I wish I was a baby, I wish I was dead

Cold turkey has got me on the run

My body is aching, goose pimple bone
Can't see nobody, leave me alone

Eyes are wide open, so is my head
There' s one thing I'm sure of
I'm in at the deep freeze

Cold turkey has got me on the run

Aaahh -

Thirty-six hours rollin' in pain
Prayin' to someone, free me again

Oh, I'll be a good boy, make, make me well
I'll give you anything, get me out of this hell

Well, cold turkey has got me on the run

Oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh
Oh, oh

-"I've got to get that voice, aahh, aahh"

-"How are we doin'?"