Weekend Excursion /


Temptation was too strong
To look but avoid touch
So we gave into what we wanted
We gave into so much

We took a little glimse
Passed each other by
Don't ask me to explain
It's been strange for a while
You'll tell me what I wanna hear
And I'll know that it's a lie

I had the chance to let go
Could have missed the pain
But I know
It wasn't a mistake

'Cause what we need to realize
Is that it took us by surprise
We shouldn't turn away
From the things we need to say
Now I'm stuck here with a choice
'Cause I need to hear your voice
This foolish pride is killing me

Now that I'm looking back
I have no regrets
I somehow I feel let down
From the things that I expect
The right time is gonna come
But maybe not just get

I had the chance to let go (We could have gone our seperate ways)
Could have missed the pain (Know that I've seen better days)
But I know (There's this feeling inside that won't go away)
It wasn't a mistake