Orange Island /

Knife in Hand, Gun in Mouth

If not, let me tell you a story based on true events:
She uses alcohol, drugs and sex to fill that void that daddy left
You see, she's a runaway who had been raped and raped again
Until she crossed my path in this city, New York City
I was drunk and stoned and the fact is that she was a fantasy at first
Sexy enough to quench this three-year thirst
That I guess I really didn't have

We talked and talked but she never mentioned her past
She comes for miles as she came to my bed
It was my first experience with casual sex
And I'll forever be associated with what she's never known in chastity
Her father did this to her... did this to me
And now she's on her way back home

She thinks of murder when she's drunk and stoned
She'd rather be dead than die alone
Unfortunately we drank, we smoked
Then I convinced her to go back home
And kill the dad she's never known
Now she's on her way back home, knife in hand, gun in mouth
Home... I guess I should have kept my mouth shut